Amazon stock soars following strong Q4 earnings report

Why it matters: The holiday quarter is traditionally among the strongest for retailers and for Amazon, that certainly proved true once again. CEO Jeff Bezos said more people joined Prime during the fourth quarter than ever before, revealing that they now have more than 150 million paid Prime members worldwide. Amazon shares are soaring after […]

Iowa drops charges against security pros arrested for courthouse penetration testing

In context: Security professionals, particularly penetration experts, have a pretty tough job. Government organizations and corporations will hire these individuals to look for physical vulnerabilities and security loopholes in their operations. Much like the disclosure of serious software flaws, the end goal of this process is to improve security overall. To perform this task, security […]

Microsoft Edge will let you automatically block ‘potentially unwanted app’ downloads

In context: Nobody likes unwanted programs on their system, even if they aren’t necessarily harmful. Regardless, many websites still try to push users to download this not-technically-dangerous “adware” in addition to (or, in some cases, in place of) the software they were originally looking for. Fortunately, there may be some relief in sight for Microsoft […]