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BenQ’s new SW321C monitor shows what images will look like when printed out

A common problem: Photography buffs are well aware of the struggles associated with trying to print out their work. More often than not, a color print ends up looking nothing like it does on your computer screen. Fade, oversaturation and different colors altogether are just a few of the many issues one might encounter. And […]

What was the first computer virus? Trivia

Written in 1971 by Robert Thomas while he was a programmer for BBN (Bold, Beranek and Newman, which became Raytheon of today), the first computer virus was called Creeper and was designed without malicious intent to experiment with self-replicating software on the TENEX operating system. However, Creeper didn’t actually manage to replicate itself. Instead, after […]

Iowa drops charges against security pros arrested for courthouse penetration testing

In context: Security professionals, particularly penetration experts, have a pretty tough job. Government organizations and corporations will hire these individuals to look for physical vulnerabilities and security loopholes in their operations. Much like the disclosure of serious software flaws, the end goal of this process is to improve security overall. To perform this task, security […]

Microsoft Edge will let you automatically block ‘potentially unwanted app’ downloads

In context: Nobody likes unwanted programs on their system, even if they aren’t necessarily harmful. Regardless, many websites still try to push users to download this not-technically-dangerous “adware” in addition to (or, in some cases, in place of) the software they were originally looking for. Fortunately, there may be some relief in sight for Microsoft […]