Become a data analytics expert by learning Tableau, Python, Excel, and MongoDB

Data analytics will help enhance your problem solving and data interpretation skills to drive better business decisions in your organization. The Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle combines 5 courses to get you up to speed on the best tools of the trade including Tableau, Excel, Python, and MongoDB. This bundle normally retails for over $2,500, […]

Microsoft will award up to $20K for finding vulnerabilities in Xbox Live

In brief: Microsoft has bug bounty programs for several of its products including Windows, Office, Azure and the chromium-powered Edge browser. The latest to join them is the Xbox Bounty Program, which invites gamers and security researchers from around the world to identify and report significant vulnerabilities in the company’s gaming platform. For those interested […]

What was the first computer virus? Trivia

Written in 1971 by Robert Thomas while he was a programmer for BBN (Bold, Beranek and Newman, which became Raytheon of today), the first computer virus was called Creeper and was designed without malicious intent to experiment with self-replicating software on the TENEX operating system. However, Creeper didn’t actually manage to replicate itself. Instead, after […]